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You will receive an E-mail response within 48 hours after submitting for your reading.



** Email Psychic Readings Information **

Step One

In regards to purchasing a psychic reading ; you  may choose from the 'list' of various defined psychic readings that I advertise about on my Services Page. You may submit for more than one email reading at a time that is offered from the laundry list of various psychic readings offered which are many. Or choose just One to begin with.


Step Two

Choose which type of psychic readings you are interested in having by email contact. Then you will want to purchase by submitting for the reading by purchasing and then sending an email letting me know what psychic reading, or readings you purchased by email.  -- Thank-you for your readings and donations.



** For Live Contact Sessions **

Step One

You will be submitting payment for the 'length of time' you want the psychic reading to be for. And that is by One or for thirty minutes usually to begin with.


Step Two

You will contact me to let me know when you want the Session by Day and Time for the reading. Your Time Zone is a factor ; and preference to contact by Phone, Skype, IM or in person to choose from for Live Sessions. Once you submit payment for the length of time you want the  Psychic reading for then email me to let me know.



 I Appreciate your Business and Donations.

Thank-You for being Supportive.


Safety Procedures

The Psychic Readings I offer are Strictly Confidential. I do not share any of your personal information ever publicly by direct information documents about you personally to anyone.



A random name may be mentioned over the years in supporting evidence in a nonfiction story about prophesies and supernartural experiences to support realism logically factually in regards to Testimonies.


Your Donations Matter.

Please consider Donating to the Ten Senses Foundation. And that is about the work I do to bring psychic abilities spiritual nonfiction stories to release to the general public. The cost for equiptment, cost and fees to present the information is substantial. As well as the labor that goes into it. The toll it  takes to keep the services going is substantial. Therefore, I value your Donations as well for the cause. Thank-you.




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